Five Min Codes?

About me

Hey, I am Shalitha Senanayaka, the founder of this blog.  I have 5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer. In the web world I'm:

  1. Software Engineer at Tech One Global
  2. Former Full Stack Software Engineer at Crede Technologies
  3. Former Software Engineer at Unique Infotech Solutions
  4. Technical author of the Five Min Codes Blog and guest poster on several other sites.
  5. Consultant for Lucinar and other startup corporations.

Basically, I don't design the sites, I make them work 😇.

Technologies and Philosophy

When I write code I usually do it in .Net, but I've been using a dozen different languages since I started writing code 5 years ago.

✔️Front end development with React, Angular, Blazor, Html, JavaScript, and jQuery.
✔️Server-side development with ASP.Net( webform / MVC / Core) C#, Node Js, Python, and Java.
✔️DB development using SQL (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre), Mongo DB, DynamoDB, Cosmos DB, and Redis.
✔️Reporting using (Crystal Reports, SSRS, and Power Platform).
✔️API Development with Rest and Soap.

Interested to know more about me?

What is the meaning of 'Five Min Codes'?

How much can 5 minutes a day affect you?
No matter how much you divide the hours available in a day, I know you will search for things on the web related to Programing or computer science during hours. After all, when you scroll through the regular documentation, half an hour could easily have passed, and you'd still be scrolling.
The 'Five Min Codes' basic idea is to interpret the advanced programing concepts / out-of-the-box solutions within Five minutes as everyone can understand.

Are there any secret easter eggs?

Yes, hundreds of ester eggs are available, like coding challenges. Sometimes it will announce publicly, but sometimes won't. Please keep connected with 'Five Min Codes'; you can win stickers, t-shirts, and tech devices.

How can I contact you?

  • Web -
  • Email -
  • Phone - +94 71 299 2382

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